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Tropical Hardwoods

Why Invest In Plantation Teak?

  • Tropical hardwoods offer a high return on investment because there is a huge demand: world consumption has multiplied nearly 25 times in the last 4 decades and more than 100 billion board feet of tropical hardwoods are now being consumed each year.
  • The price trend of speciality tropical hardwoods is strongly upward. According to data published by the United Nations, the export/import price of teak, for example, is today nearly 7 times what it was in 1970.
  • For ninety-eight of the last hundred years the price of teak has out performed the stock market. Over the last 4 years it has risen by 300% (ITTO).
  • Teak has delivered a better return than property year on year with an average return of 9.7%.
  • Returns are currently 16.4% and last year the IPD Forestry index returned 32%.
  • Demand for timber will increase per capita as population and emerging economies continue to grow. Currently China is the biggest market for teak in the world due to demand for building materials.
  • Only 1% of the world’s teak comes from FSC approved plantations.
  • A combination of the value of a naturally growing commodity and the underlying land provides investors with a low risk asset creating long-term capital appreciation in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial medium.

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